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With the increasing demand for coders, the number of people starting to learn coding has increased massively.

With the rise of the internet and all the information is available at the fingertip.

It’s only a matter of desire to learn, that’s keeping people from learning any skill.

Coding is no different.

Traditionally, when learning something, students used to take references only from books

But things have changed now.

Right now, if you only take references from books, you will miss out.

Buts that’s alright, there are lots of easy and interactive ways to learn to code.

Here are some FREE ways you can learn to code

  • Youtube Videos
    Videos are by far the most effective to learn to code for beginners. You can search for a tutorial and follow the tutorial to learn.

    There are literally 20 hours, 36 hours of tutorials that teach you from start to end, everything you need to know.

    Following a tutorial is the easiest form of learning because everything thing is done right in front of your eyes.

    And the most important part, youtube videos are completely FREE

  • Documentations
    Documentation is a set of instructions created by the person/community who created a certain programming language describing the way of coding.

    They are developed by people/communities who developed the language itself.

    Whenever I want to learn something, I always refer to the docs(documentations), whenever I forget certain parts of code, I refer to the docs.

    Docs are the best resources to learn

  • Articles / Blog Posts
    Long-form blog posts are really helpful for learning to code.

    Start-to-end explanation is provided in those articles with many references to fill the gaps in the mind of the learner.

    I prefer blog posts over youtube videos because
    In youtube videos, I have to follow the pace of the tutor but I can read articles at my own pace.

  • Twitter Threads
    Believe it or not, a well-composed Twitter thread can teach you a lot.

    I have learned so many best practices, techniques, and ways of writing code from well-written twitter threads.

    Twitter is the best place to learn if you follow the right people. Experts from different niches post quality content on their profiles.

    The best thing about Twitter is, that you have a good chance of direct communication with the creator(There are no VAs)

  • Websites

    There are many websites dedicated to teaching programming languages. Websites like W3Schools, Tutorials Point, Mdn, etc

    They teach different languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++, Python, and so on.

    My go-to website is always W3scools because it has tutorials in simple language.

    Other websites to learn coding are CodeAcademy, TheOdinProject, SoloLearn, etc

  • Free Courses

    The courses are great. A course can be an ebook, series, or a combination of both.

    There are tons of Free courses available on the internet.

    Here is the list of website that provides free courses

    MIT OpenCourseWare
    Free Code Camp, etc

    There are tons of free courses available on the websites above.

    You can pick any course you want.

    You can pick a course by looking at ratings, and reviews from other course enrollers.

    That way you don’t have to waste your time by leaving the course at half because of the not-good learning experience

How to learn coding faster

You can have all the resources you want but to learn coding you have to consistently write code.

You can watch all videos, read all ebooks, and take all the courses but you only start to learn the moment you start writing the code.

There are a lot of people who just binge tutorials, take courses, and read books but still cannot learn coding or waste too much time trying to “learn” to code.

Everyone has their own way of learning, but there are ways that can take you to your desired destination faster than other ways.

Here are some tips you can use while following the tutorials to learn faster:

  • Follow along with the tutorial

    Don’t just watch the tutorial.
    Write code following the tutorial.

    Code as you watch.

  • Take Notes

    Taking notes is important.

    Write down key points of the tutorials.
    If you find any topic confusing, write explanations in your notebook for future reference.

    Research has found that taking notes increases memory retention power by 89%.

  • Code Daily

    Coding daily is important, especially when you are just starting out.

    When you code daily, you set the momentum to learn things.

    Even if you learn 1 new concept every day, after 6 months you will have learned 180 concepts

  • Self Analyze

    Tracking your progress regularly is the only way to know if you are moving forward.

    Set a goal to learn a complex topic, research about it, learn about it, and note it down for future references.

    If you do this consistently for about 6 months, you will learn 10x more than people who track their progress.

  • Find People with Similar Goals

    Use your social media for your benefit. Join Facebook groups, follow Twitter accounts, and join subreddits where people are learning and discussing coding.

    You are your environment. If you surround yourself with people who are on that path, you will automatically align yourself with the same path.

  • Share your work

    After you join communities on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

    Always share your work no matter how small or insignificant you think it is.

    Feedback from people will help you learn more. The greatest achievement next to success is feedback.

    Feedback can help you know your weak points and your strengths.

    So, share your work.

Following these tips will boost your learning rate.

Good resources are only 20% part of the game, the rest 80% is planning and execution.

If you plan to learn coding seriously and start taking consistent actions, you will learn faster than everyone

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