10 Ways To Make Money As A Programmer

If you are looking for ways to create side income as a programmer/developer.

You have stumbled in the right place.

I will teach you 10 proven ways to make money as a programmer. I know this works because I earn money from each of these ways.

I have been a web developer for 8 years now(started in 2014).

And after 8 years of experience, I can say that there are more than 30 ways to make money as a developer.

Yes, you heard me right. There are more than 30 ways. But in this article, I will tell you about 10 simple ways to make money as a developer.

By saying simple, I don’t mean easy. You will need to put in the work before you start seeing results.

If you select one among the 10 ways and consistently work for 6 months, I guarantee you will achieve results.

Here are the top 10 ways to make money

  • Freelancing

    Freelancing means working for someone on a project or contract. Freelancing is the most popular side hustle, and almost everyone tries to pursue it.

    There are websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Freelancer.com

    When just starting, it will be difficult to get a project because you have no results to win the trust of prospects.

    Before you get your first freelancing contract or project, you may have to submit more than 100 proposals.

    But I assure you, after you get your first, second or third job, it will get easier.

    If you know HTML, CSS, and JS, you can apply for Frontend projects.

    and if you know PHP, Python then you can apply for Backend projects

  • Online Writing

    Whether it be writing articles on your blog, medium.com. writing Twitter threads, online writing has huge advantages.

    If you write consistently for 6 months about your niche. You will have already created a consistent source of side income.

    Writing regularly
    – builds niche authority
    – increases exposure
    – improves your writing skills
    – people start knowing you and your work
    – people will approach you to get your service

    These all benefits are too hard to ignore. I would say the best thing I did in my life is I started writing and publishing online when I was 19.

    And the other thing is online writing is a skill in itself.

    If you are a web developer + an online writer, People will pay you a huge sum to write articles on their site, write tutorial blogs, write ghost articles, and so on.

  • Building SaaS

    SaaS(Software As A Service) is a great way to earn passive income. It’s the most passive form of earning income. By passive, I don’t mean you don’t have to work. You have to maintain it and remove bugs.

    But once it is coded and launched, there is little work needed.

    Many successful SaaS founders earn $10k/mo, $20k/mo, and $30k/mo with their SaaS.

    Tony Dinh built Blackmagic.so (Twitter Analytics Tool)
    Simon Hoiberg built Feedhive.io (Social Media Management Tool)
    Damon Chen built Testimonial.to (Tool for Collecting Testimonials)

    These are all successful SaaS founders. They have created and captured a good market with their SaaS Product.

    If you know about web development, building SaaS is a good option for earning a side income.

    Even if you have partial knowledge of web development, you can partner with others and start building SaaS together.

  • Job

    You can join a software company and provide your service based on your monthly salary. This is also a good way to earn money.

    People say they want to start their own business, their startup. But I believe those things should be started as a side hustle while still working at your job.

    The job will pay your bills until your business takes off.

    After your business is self-sustaining and starts to generate some profit, you can leave your job and go full-time on your business.

  • Selling Info Products

    An info product is a detailed explanation of how something works. You can create ebooks explaining some technology.

    For example, if you are a web designer.

    You can create an info product like
    – 99+ best frontend practices
    – Guide to creating a responsive website

    and so on.

    People would buy your product to acquire your knowledge.

    There are many developers on Twitter selling their info products on gumroad

    Shruti Balasa From twitter is selling Complete Guide to CSS Flex an Grid
  • Mentoring Beginners

    Mentoring beginners is a great way to earn some side income.
    A beginner is confused in the beginning. They do not know what to learn or where to learn from.

    You can mentor them. You can help them learn faster. In return, they will pay you for saving their time.

    And Teaching what you love is fun work too.

    I feel awesome to teach someone what I love.

  • Selling Course

    Pick a language like
    – React
    -React with Redux
    -React Firebase
    -Django and React

    or whatever you are an expert on. And create a course and sell it.

    You can list your courses on Udemy

    For example, see this course on udemy
    Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML and CSS

Currently, there are 326,321 students enrolled in this course.
and its actual price is $9.99

This course creator earned 326321 X 9.99 = $3259946.79 (3.25 mil)

But remember, this $9.99 is only the temporary price of this course. Its actual price is $84.99

Now, do your math.

You create a course once and sell it to millions of people.

Courses are a good way of earning Bank

  • Writing Blog

    I believe writing a blog is one of the best investments any person can make.

    If you post quality content consistently on your blog, people will visit regularly.

    You will get tons of traffic to your content.

    You can monetize that traffic in any way possible.

    You can
    – run google ads
    – place your affiliate links
    – sell your products
    – sell your course

    Anything you want to do.

    A blog is a great investment if writing is your thing. But it takes a lot of time, and consistent content before your blog takes off.

  • Selling Templates

    Selling a template is a good way to create some side income. If you are a frontend designer, you can create website templates and list them in the template marketplace.

    There are lots of marketplaces to list your templates

    Envato Elements

    You can create different kinds of templates like

    ➡ HTML, CSS, Js Template
    ➡ Bootstrap Template
    ➡ TailwindCss Template
    ➡ ChakraUI Template
    ➡ Admin Panel Template
    ➡ Invoice Templates
    ➡ Landing Pages Templates

    And if you are a non-coder, you could also create

    ➡ Notion Templates
    ➡ Journal Templates
    ➡ Google Docs Templates

    And so much more.

    Selling templates has a huge market. People don’t want to spend time curating their webpage when they can just buy responsive, attractive templates for $17.

  • Open Source Coding

    Open source coding is appreciated a lot in the programming community.

    If you create something useful and open source it, people will contribute to maintaining your library/app or anything you open sourced.

    If your app gains the attention of some big tech companies, they will even donate to you or sponsor you monthly basis.

    But for that, you have to contribute a lot to the open-source community.

    Regularly contributing to the open source community has a huge upside in the long run.

    People will sponsor you via


    and so on


Why doesn’t my Upwork proposal get accepted?

Your proposal needs to stand out. There are more than 40-50 or even 100+ proposals submitted for a single project. And the people offering the job choose the proposal of a well-rated developer.

If you are just starting out and don’t have any ratings yet, you will have to submit good proposals. You need to learn to write good proposals.

Some tips for writing good proposals are

  • Acknowledge you have read the job description
  • Give them social proof why they should accept your proposals
  • Provide them with free tip

Why don’t I get clients in Freelancing?

The reason you are not getting clients at freelancing is because of two things

  • You are not doing enough outreach
  • Your offer sucks

Getting clients on freelancing is just a number game. You have to outreach enough people with a grand slam offer.

If you outreach 100 people/day with your offer. It’s impossible not to get clients in 30 days.

Do I need to learn coding to create SaaS?

No, you don’t need coding to create a SaaS. There are two ways to create SaaS without coding

  • No Code Tools
  • Outsourcing

You must create SaaS with no code tools like web flow or bubble.

If not, you need to hire other developers to build it for you.

You can hire developers at Upwork, Fiverr, etc

Do people buy notion templates?

Yes, for sure. People buy templates. Some people are making their full-time income by selling notion templates.

There are different notion marketplace where you can list your notion template for people to buy it.

Some of the famous notion template marketplace are

You can create notion templates and list your templates there.

Is Programming a good skill to learn?

No doubt. Programming has wide scope in the future. With the rise of AI and machine learning, almost everyone depends on computers and software.

The more people depend on mobile and software, the more demand for people building it.

Therefore, yes, programming is a very good skill to learn.

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