How To Learn Programming Language?

Learning programming can sound intimidating to beginners.

Writing something that tells computers to do specific tasks sounds mysterious.

It takes long hours of practice and dedication to learn coding.

There is no hack for it.

However, you can follow some steps to make your learning easier.

Here are the steps to learn programming language efficiently:

  1. Pick one language
  2. Read the basics (official docs)
  3. Pick a tutorial
  4. Code regularly
  5. Make notes
  6. Master the basics
  7. Build Projects

Steps to Learning Programming

Pick one Language

You should invest your time in learning a language which you waste trying to pick a “perfect” language.

Don’t worry about choosing the “perfect” language. You are not going to marry it.

Just Pick one and Move Forward.

Read this article about 👉 Picking language based on use case

Learn the Basics

The number 1 mistake beginners make when learning to program is they directly jump into the advanced codes, loops, and algorithms and demotivate themselves.

You are just getting started, of course you don’t know anything.

It does not make sense to know before starting or putting at least 50-100 hours into it.

Pick a Tutorial

I will write an article about this one too, for how you can pick a tutorial that is good and knowledgeable.

I will explain everything in that article.

But after you pick a tutorial, you have to follow it religiously.

Build Projects

The aim of learning programming is so that you can build apps, software, and websites with it.

If you don’t have any aim, you are learning in the void, and you won’t reach anywhere.

More on that here(No.1 Thing to consider before getting into programming?)

As soon as you start learning basics, start building projects.

No matter how big or small.

Start by building Projects.

Only Reading documentation and watching tutorials will create learning gaps in your mind.

Building Projects will cover those learning gaps.

How to boost the Learning Rate?

Learning Programming can be easier if you show up consistently every day and dedicate your time seriously.

Here are some tips to boost your learning rate by 3x

Code Regularly

Consistency is important. Most people quit before putting in 20 hours. That is not the right approach to learning anything.

People expect to understand everything from the first hour they start learning.

You should not expect to know anything before putting at least 50 hours in it.

Concepts like coding are vast; You need to learn all bullet points in the first 10,20,30 hours.

After crossing 50 hours, you start connecting those points, and everything starts making sense.

Coding regularly is the key.

Master the Basics

The advanced level is the mastery of the basics.

Every advanced concept is a huge collection of branches of all the basic concepts.

When you intend to learn something, always aim to master the basics.

Don’t go after trends.

Don’t look at what is “cool”.

Don’t run after shiny objects.

Make Notes

Your memory sucks.

I can’t tell you how many hours and money I have saved by keeping notes.

I cannot convey the importance of writing notes until you keep the habit of writing notes yourself

Read David’s Perell 👉 “The Serendipity of Note-taking”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn programming in 1 month?

It depends on your goal. If you aim to learn web development, then yes, you can learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript enough to start building decent-looking websites, If you put in 2-3+ hours every day.

How long will It Take to get Job If I start Learning Programming Today?

It will take 3-4 months. Getting jobs is not only a part of what you learn. You have to build portfolios and projects to show your employer.

Some companies also ask complex questions about Data structures and algorithms so you will have to learn that too.

Is Learning Programming Free?

Yes, you can easily learn to program for FREE. There are lots of resources available online that you can utilize to acquire programming skills. Read this article 👉 learn code for Free

Do I need Math to Learn Programming?

No. You don’t need to know math to learn to program.

Are Programmers Human?

Yes, they are human. Don’t think otherwise 😥

Can I hack Nasa After Learning Programming?

This is a completely out-of-context question. And I don’t know why you would want to hack Nasa.

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