Programming Language To Learn in 2023

Any beginner knows that this is the greatest confusion when thinking of getting into the programming field.

But this is a very vague question.

Before asking, “Which Programming language?” ask, “What do I want to build?”

Programming is all about building stuff with code.

Programmers build websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, games, AI, etc.

When you decide what you want to build, you can easily decide which programming language to learn.

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How To Learn Programming For Free?

Programming Languages UseCases


Different programming languages have different use cases. Some Languages are used for creating websites, while some are used for game development.

There are different languages to build websites. But the most common languages used to create websites are HTML and CSS.

Website development is easier to learn compared to game development and app development.

Here is the list of languages to create a website and their use case.


HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) is the building block of a website. Every entity in the website is an HTML Element. For example, Input boxes, Images, Videos, Lists, and Paragraphs. All the elements are created using HTML.

Learn HTML 🔗


CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) is the styling language. It is used to make the HTML elements attractive and colorful.

All those colors, margins, and padding are created through CSS

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Javascript is used to add life to HTML elements. Js allows you to make the HTML elements interactive.

Also, js allows you to fetch data from a server, validate client data, and so much more.

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Here’s a list of languages to build Apps


Java was the most popular language from mid-2015 to early 2020. It was the official language for building apps. Most of the apps you downloaded from the play store were coded in Java.

But Now, many people have switched to Kotlin (Programming Langauge developed by Jet Brains).

Java has a huge community as it is used by most of the previously built apps and old programmers.

However, Java is not beginner friendly and has a steep learning curve.

If you are a beginner, I recommend you learn an easier language and return to Java.

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Kotlin is beginners friendly compared to Java.

A beginner can start learning Kotlin as his entry to APP Development.

Kotlin is used by companies like Uber, Google, Coursera, etc.

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Dart language was designed by google. Flutter (Dart Framework for app development) is gaining popularity in the app development field.

Most of the beginners either go with Flutter or React Native(Another coolest framework for App Development)

Flutter is used by companies like BMW, Google, etc.

Learn Dart 🔗

Learn Flutter 🔗

React Native

80% of People who want to become app developers choose Flutter or React Native. It is because of its smaller learning curve.

React Web developers choose native because it is with the principles of the popular web framework (React)

As a React Developer, If I had to choose, I would go with React Native without second thoughts.

Apps built with React Native are Facebook App, Instagram App, etc.

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Because of Web3 and metaverse, the Game development trend has reached the sky.

Many beginners are getting into AR game development and VR game development.

The languages to create games are


C++ is the most popular language for creating game engines. It is because of its execution speed, adoption by many developers, and so on.

However, C++ is hard to learn compared to other languages because of its multi-paradigm nature and a complex syntax.

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HTML5 is used widely for creating web-based games. HTML5 allows you to interact with web browser components like Canvas, Web Audio, etc.

Popular games like 2048 and Angry bird were made using HTML5.

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C# is a simple and object-oriented language and is popular for game development.

Most beginners who want to get into game development go with C#.

C# is the premier language compared to others because creating games with C# in unity engines is very easy.

People claim that even beginners can create a descent looking games with it.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Machine Learning and AI are all around us.

Almost every big companies hire AI and ML practitioner.

Google ranking articles, youtube recommending videos, and Facebook showing similar posts are all because of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Popular Languages for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are:


Python is the most popular language for AI and machine learning. It is easy to learn, has a small learning curve, and is similar to natural language.

And additionally, it has a huge community for support and a huge library for a strong ecosystem.

Learn Python 🔗


R is popular because it is easy to do statistical computation and numerical analysis. Not only that,

In domains of biology, neurology, and sociology, it is regarded as the main standard language.

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I know you are surprised by C++ appearing in every field (game dev, web dev, app dev).

It’s because C++ has a widespread use case.

But again, it is not easy to learn. Very few beginners directly start with C++ for AI and Machine Learning.

Learn C++ 🔗

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest language for Artificial Intelligence?

The easiest and beginner-friendly language for getting into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is Python. It is beginners friendly and is similar to natural language.

Can I learn Web development and Game Development at once?

Yes, you can. But it will not be sustainable in the long run. You must choose one and go all in.

Is HTML a Programming Language?

No, HTML is not a programming language. It is a Markup Language

Can I learn a programming language for Free?

Yes, you can learn to program for free. You can watch youtube videos and read documentation and blog posts to learn everything for free.

Is it necessary to learn HTML CSS for Web Development?

Yes, having sound knowledge of HTML and CSS will benefit you if you want to get into web development.

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