About Page

Who Am I?

I am Anjal Binayak. I am a web developer by profession.

I have been in the web development industry since 2014.

What do I do?

I do a couple of things.

The list of things I am currently doing is

  • Writing Articles
  • Building SaaS
  • Building Tools for People
  • Mentoring Beginners
  • Helping clients break their revenue goals through High Converting Landing Page
  • Building Sites

Yeah, it’s a busy day. So, please be patient if I don’t respond to you immediately.

What do I post on this Site?

I publish programming and web-development-related articles on this site.

You can expect posts like,

  • How to Learn Programming Language
  • Tips and Tricks of programming
  • Learning Programming Faster
  • Getting into Programming
  • Programming roadmaps
  • Programming resources
  • Projects to Learn Programming

And other valuable stuff for beginners getting into programming and web development.

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